Rottnest Island, for me it's a paradise.

Rottnest Island is about 16 km off the coast off Perth.
To me it looked like a paradise, 100 years ago it was a punishment prison for
aboriginals and it got a museum about this time.
Rottnest Island was named "Rotnest Island" in 1696 by the Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh,
who called it ratte nest which means rats nest, mistaking Quokkas for huge rats.
Quokkas look like small kangaroos with long ratt tails, they jump like kangaroos
and are very curious. We feed them with fresh water and they like it as you can see below.

Quokka's on Rottnest Island

Quokkas drinking the fresh water we gave them, the only thing allowed to offer them.

Quokka's on Rottnest Island

Quokkas are not shy, they try to open your bag to see what's in it.

Quokka's on Rottnest Island

Quokka looking for a drink in our apartment.

Quokka's on Rottnest Island

Corrine was not afraid of them, they are very friendly.

Rottnest Island 1
Looking to the right side: A beautiful beach of Rottnest Island.

Rottnest Island 2
Looking to the left side: the reefs where we have been all day.
A lot of Fish and Lobsters to see there.

Diving to see Lobsters
Diving to see lobsters and beautiful fish.

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